March 2019

Recent Project: Correcting a Failed Concrete Scan

Xradar™ were recently hired by a Vancouver based engineering firm to provide a second opinion on a concrete scan performed

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February 2019

Concrete Scanning FAQs

There is a lot to cover when it comes to deciding to use concrete scanning services. We often get similar

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January 2019

Recent Project: Reservoir Void Survey

Xradar were recently hired by a large engineering firm to conduct a void survey at a reservoir. Previous cores undertaken

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December 2018

The Applications of Ground Penetrating Radar

Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) has a huge number of applications across a wide range of industries. It is non-destructive and

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November 2018

Recent Project: Preliminary Investigation of Suspended Concrete Slab

Xradar™ were recently hired by a Vancouver company to perform a preliminary investigation of a suspended concrete slab using Xradar™

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November 2018

Three Reasons you Should Perform a Concrete Scan

Working with concrete you are often required to cut or core into the surface or slab. If there is something

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October 2018

Recent Project: Concrete Void Survey of Slab on Grade

Xradar were recently hired by a BC company to determine the presence and location of any voids below or within

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September 2018

Large Concrete Structural Surveys

In many cases concrete scanning is required on large concrete structures where conventional Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) and Xradar cannot

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August 2018

Recent Project: Mapping Concrete Corrosion in Parkade

After noticing cracking and rust stains within a concrete slab, Xradar were hired to map the location and extent of

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July 2018

Understanding your Concrete Scan

Throughout the construction process there is the need for concrete scanning, primarily before any cutting, drilling, or coring. Concrete scanning

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June 2018

What is GPR?

Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) is the general term for the geophysical method of using radar waves to image the subsurface.

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May 2018

Mapping Corrosion in Concrete: Chain Drag and Half-Cell Potential

One issue over time with the use of concrete as a building material is the use of steel rebar to

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April 2018

Why Xradar Concrete Imaging is the Most Reliable Form of Concrete Inspection

When it comes to concrete inspection and concrete scanning, there are a number of potential solutions, each with their own

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March 2018

What are the Benefits of Scanning Concrete?

Concrete scanning is the use of concrete imaging technology to map concrete structures and determine what is beneath the surface.

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February 2018

Recent Project: Xradar Correct Failed Concrete X-Ray Scan

Xradar were recently hired by a Vancouver construction company following a failed X-Ray concrete scan by an independent contractor. Situation

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January 2018

Locating Rebar in Concrete

Rebar, short for reinforcement bar, is used in concrete construction to improve the tensile strength of the structure. During the

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January 2018

Concrete X-Ray VS Xradar

When searching for concrete scanning solutions, there are a number of options to choose from. Each have their merits, as

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December 2017

Using Concrete Corrosion Mapping to Identify Rebar Corrosion

Concrete has a huge range of advantages when it comes to form and durability, along with having high compressive strength.

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November 2017

Recent Projects: Reinforcement Mapping, Pre-Design Survey, and Xradar Concrete Scanning

Over the past month we have completed a wide range of projects for our clients, including a huge concrete scan

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October 2017

Why You Should Scan Before You Cut or Core Concrete

Cutting, coring and drilling concrete is a necessary part of the construction process, but is one that can result in

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September 2017

Recent Project: Concrete Scanning for Suspended Slabs

Xradar were recently contracted by a Vancouver based construction company to carry out Enhanced Concrete Scanning services on a number

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August 2017

The Benefits of Engineering Reports

Within the construction and engineering industries, there is a high need for accurate and detailed reporting in order to make

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July 2017

What is Xradar Enhanced Concrete Scanning?

Xradar Enhanced Concrete Scanning is a new form of GPR (Ground Penetrating Radar), which improves accuracy and has a huge

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