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We offer a range of concrete scanning services with a huge variety of applications, from construction, earth sciences, archaeology, to military. Using our own bespoke GPR method, Xradar™, we provide concrete scanning, concrete corrosion mapping, pulse echo, and engineering reporting services across all of Canada.

As leading service providers, we ensure the highest quality of delivery, guaranteeing your safety and saving you time and money. Using Xradar eliminates the accidental cutting and drilling through embedded objects and the high costs required for repair. It is the safest and most cost effective way to locate objects in concrete structures prior to cutting, coring or drilling.

Our offices in Victoria, Vancouver, Toronto, Montreal and Quebec City are perfectly placed to serve the needs of clients across the country.

Find out more about our services below:

Xradar Enhanced Concrete Scanning

​Prevent injuries, save time, money and headaches by choosing to locate and map the position of Post-Tension cables, voids, rebar and electrical conduits embedded in concrete.

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Concrete Corrosion Mapping

Using ​Computer-Assisted image analysis of Xradar we are able to process and determine the corrosion of concrete.

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Structural Scan

Concrete Structural surveys are required for thick concrete structures such as concrete slabs, beams, columns, walls, and foundations.

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Engineering Reports

Make informed decisions without the need for a site visit. Using our bespoke reporting services, we provide you with all the information needed to make decisions off-site allowing you to save time and keep projects moving.

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