Concrete Corrosion Mapping

Computer-Assisted GPR Image Analysis

Developed in Quebec, Xradar offers this breakthrough and innovative approach that has greatly improved both the accuracy and speed of corrosion mapping in concrete.

Computer-assisted image analysis of Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) is a new method for processing and determining corrosion of concrete.


  • Identifying concrete defects by a trained analyst using multiple criteria
  • The use of our proven boutique software to detect corrosion in large structures for mapping
  • Data collection from various concrete sources which including asphalt-covered concrete
  • Roads, runways, bridges and car parks surveying and assessment with results that are overlaid onto existing drawings


  • The use of specialized developed detection technologies and techniques to identify and map out corroded zones in concrete.
  • Quick, efficient data collection and subsequent analysis via our proprietary software
  • A drawing showing corroded zones which can be produced in a matter of a few days

Our on-site data collection is extremely precise and collected in a non-destructive manner.

The Concrete Deterioration Process

There are many factors that lead to the corrosion of steel in concrete.  Environmental factors are the greatest concern when dealing with concrete near marine environments, such as bridges and dams.  Elements such as wind, water, river current, temperature change, and deicing salt are all corrosion causing agents affecting the strength of reinforced concrete.  In addition, the lowering of the concrete’s PH level due to chlorides, carbonation, and acids within the slab are also factors contributing to the corrosion of reinforcing steel.

Corrosion map of a bridge

The deterioration of concrete begins out of sight, well within the slab.  As rust starts to form, it occupies more space than the steel originally took up, resulting in the formation of small cracks and eventually delamination occurs.

Routine investigation is necessary to prevent the reinforced steel from getting to these later stages of deterioration. Although repairing deteriorating concrete may not be cheap, the price of repairs will only go up exponentially over time.

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