Engineering Reports

Using our specialised Xradar technology, we can provide detailed Concrete Scanning or Concrete Ultrasound surveys to benefit you the customer. Key report outputs that we can deliver include corrosion mapping and structural surveys. Using our unique Xradar technology, we can report a level of detail for engineering analysis that many of our competitors cannot. 

Our reports are split into three levels – C, B, and A.

  • C – Standard Work Order Report
  • B – Xradar Engineering Report
  • A – Comprehensive CAD Report

Click to view a detailed breakdown of our Reporting Levels.

Reporting Process

Our reporting process involves the use of our in-house engineers and geophysicists to prepare a customary report for your needs. The benefits of our Xradar reports are that they include all key information from our survey to allow you to make informed decisions, without a site visit and continue the project’s deadline.

The reporting process starts on site with our specialist Xradar technicians who collect detailed site data using our Xradar technology. For the accuracy of our data collection, our technicians are supervised and may be assisted by our in-house engineers and geophysicists.

Following the on site data collection, the results are then transferred to our in-house engineers who will prepare the engineering report which includes detailed, fully-scaled and annotated AutoCAD drawings of our scan results. Our Xradar report deliverable is then sent directly to you the customer or the contracted engineer and we are available to discuss the report deliverable as required.

Project Examples

Xradar Sample Report
A to scale Xradar Engineering report was produced for the proposed core holes.
Xradar sample report B
An Engineer reviewed the proposed holes for core drilling.


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